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About Katerina


 My History in Design

For over twenty years, Katerina Evanthia has been designing an eclectic collection of intricately hand-crafted jewelry in noble metals, diamonds and gemstones.  Inspired by her Byzantine heritage and roundly educated in all manners of art, her jewelry is provocatively classic. The delicate, but strong harmony found in her jewelry has a striking purity to its ethos and is boldly subtle.

Her ability to manifest what her clients envision in their jewelry is a gift few designers possess. A student of sculpture, metalsmithing, CAD, art history, and naturally curious, she sculpts complex feelings of love, dedication and identity into jewelry.

Katerina works by appointment, and limits herself to creating 24 rings per year. This ensures the freshness and joy of the design process, and allows her to give each client undivided attention.


"The greatest satisfaction of being a jeweler is to capture the essence of my clients in the jewelry I have designed for their wedding, anniversary, or other important moments in their life. The occasion may pass but the emotions are embedded in the jewelry forever."



Other Projects

After the devastating1978 fire at the Electric building in Balboa Park, San Diego, Katerina was called upon as a sculptor to restore the façade of the building from surviving fragments and vintage photos.

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