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Design Approach


To Surprise or Not to Surprise?

to surprise...  

If your proposal must be a surprise, we will need some "intel". I will provide you with a framework of questions to ensure we create her ring as she would like it.  

or  not to surprise...

Many men prefer to include their fiance's in the ring design process. No doubt she knows what she likes and will be thrilled to be included in the design process.

no surprise.jpg
Surprise or not


Get Inspired

After listening to you, I will provide you with sketches inspired by your wants/needs and a deep search of my design archives. A design direction may occur to me that you may not have come across. As an artist, my goal is to discover the design direction that feels most  like you.

"I call it the art of being personal"

chloe best sketch.png
1 get inspired
Diamond in open diamond parcel. Round br


choose your diamond or gemstone

Based on your preferences in shape, size and the budget you are comfortable with, I will prescreen and present you with the best diamonds or gemstones available.

My diamonds and gemstones come from trusted dealers with whom I have worked with for over a decade. I will be very frank in highlighting the pro’s and cons of each stone, so that you feel confident and proud of your choice.

You will personally select the perfect diamond for her.

2 choose your gem


develop models

Your ring will be modeled on the computer or hand carved to fit the exact measurements of your diamond/gemstone. You’ll be sent a computer rendering which will show your ring from all angles as well as its exact proportions.

I will review the renderings with you in great detail, any adjustments that need to be made are done before the wax replica is made and it is cast in precious metal.

cad renders.jpg
3 develop models


finishing touches

This is where it all comes together: the artistry of the design, the beauty of your diamond, the precise proportions of your ring. Old world craftsmanship is what makes your ring look and feel different than any store bought ring. Stones are set impeccably and the desired polish is fine tuned to your liking.

You will witness the metamorphosis from the first sketch into a ring to be treasured;

something few people get to be a part of.

4 finishing touches
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