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Custom Signet-ure 

Creating a custom signet-ure piece is a highly personal process, where you work with the artist to choose the style of font, the language, gemstones and symbolic emblems

Dating back to 1500 BC, the signet ring was carved with an intricate family crest and used to stamp official documents.  In its day, the stamp of such a ring was considered more authentic than a written signature. The emblem was highly detailed so that it was not easily copied.

The signet ring has evolved and symbolizes the permanence of love, honor and belonging;

 the perfect sentiment to be used in a custom engagement ring & wedding band, or as a gift for anniversary, birthday, name day, graduation, or even remembrance of one who has passed, To design a personalized emblem honors your loved one with a gift of significance.

custom Signet-ure 
Byzantine SIGNET-ure
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