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Client Stories

 Lindsey & Torin

Torin and Lindsey 1.jpg

San Diego, California

From my very first conversation with Katerina, it was obvious that she was passionate about the world of jewelry and had an immense amount of knowledge to offer. I easily could have walked into any commercial jeweler, but in no way would I expect the level of care and attention, that I was fortunate to have received from Katerina.

Katerina provided me with a variety of diamonds to choose from, some slightly above my budget, and some below, so that I had a real understanding of my options. My involvement in these choices, made the engagement ring design experience that much more meaningful.

Her creativity and passion for jewelry design is unmatched. Katerina went ABOVE AND BEYOND to meet with me as needed during the design phase, and fitting process. We enjoyed working with her so much, that she designed my wife’s engagement ring, and both of our wedding bands. Knowing that our rings are one of a kind, unique, and were made by someone who is passionate about their work, made it a special experience.

On a 10 scale rating, Katerina gets an 11 from me. THANK YOU!


Debbie & Max

I wouldn't just recommend Katerina, I'd say it's a must. 5 Stars. 10 out of 10.


 Retail Jewelry stores and online shopping sites were exhausting and still felt like I had no idea what I was doing. When I was referred to Katerina, everything became clear. She wanted to hear about our relationship as a couple, how we met, and our personality types. She made me feel like we were her only customers. It was apparent that her attention to detail would be reflected in the finished ring.


Katerina hand-selected 5-6 diamonds to show me based on our conversations and was very knowledgeable and explicit about the pros and cons of each stone. I selected the diamond that day. I think I even remember her saying (on the sixth one) "you're going to like this one" ... and she was right. So easy. I never once felt any pressure.

I had collected "intel" about my fiance’s taste in rings, but it was the the woman's touch she put into the design that made the difference. She sketched and developed CAD renderings for my approval and explained in detail how the ring would be cast, molded, diamonds set and polished, all within the agreed upon budget. It was reassuring to be part of the process and have the option to make changes along the way. The finished ring was the truly beautiful engagement ring that I knew my fiancé would love, and not to mention, one-of-a-kind. 


La Mesa, California

effie and nico photo.jpg

Ft. Worth,Texas

 Effie & Nicola

“Every time I meet someone new, and I do mean every time, I get compliments on my engagement ring and wedding band. They are singular pieces in the whole world, unique to our heritage, to our style and to our marriage.” 

 - Effie


“Finding the right engagement ring is a daunting task and the selection of “available” rings left me wanting something profoundly different. Katerina’s extensive experience, creativity and infinite patience helped me to navigate through the diamond selection and decide which type of ring would best complement our style while keeping our budget. The result is incredible, unique, and expresses our marriage like nothing else could.” 

 - Nico


Diana & Joseph

Katerina was recommended to me by both family and friends who had her design their engagement rings and wedding bands. They were thrilled with their rings and “one on one” experience. I decided to include my fiancé in the selection of the diamond and the design of her engagement ring and I am glad I did. Bringing her into the process, solidified our engagement and I knew that she got exactly what she wanted. Designing our rings together made our rings a once in a lifetime experience.

The options for retail ring designs are overwhelming, and at the same time very limiting. What we enjoyed most were the possibilities she presented, ideas we never imagined or found on our own. She provided ample sketches and renders that helped us arrive upon the perfect rings.

Katerina provided several diamonds in a reasonable range helped decide the perfect diamond. Not once did we feel pressure to go outside our budget. She took care to explain the importance of the proper thickness of the band, the placement and quality of the diamonds, and how the wedding band would complement the engagement ring. She walked us through every step and provided us with a deeper knowledge of diamonds and ring design. When I see my wife’s rings during the course of an ordinary day, I am so glad we went with Katerina.


San Marcos, California 


Chloe & Brian

chloe and brian 2.jpg

Patterson, Louisiana


Coming soon


 Kimberly & Michael


in our firsr phone call I told Katerina of our plan of moving to Sedona, Arizona to start our new life.She suggested a chocolate diamond that would symbolize the red rocks of Sedona. At that moment, the whole thing came together. I decided I would propose on a hike in the Red Rock Mountains of Sedona.

She then involved my fiancé in the design process and designed a set of rings that are absolutely stunning but perfectly suited for my fiance! While my fiancé was involved in the design process, she did not see the rings until I proposed on a hike in the Red Rock of Sedona. Meeting Catherine was exactly what we needed!



Katerina asked about designs I liked, and lifestyle. She realized quickly that some ideas & designs wouldn’t work for me because I work with my hands.  Her gentle questions & insight really brought what was in my mind to life. She created a set of rings of 2 wedding bands & the chocolate diamond engagement ring that could be worn separately or together.


On a beautiful hike after climbing to the top of a red rock in Sedona , Michael pulled out the most impressive ring & proposed. Not only was it an amazing proposal, but the ring was so unique.  I am so glad that my husband to be gave me the opportunity to have a say in my engagement ring.  

kimberly couple red rocks.png

Sedona, Arizona



Woman with Hair Blowing Over Face

Katerina is a true visionary.  She helped me design a Sappihire ring for mom, her dream ring...a dream she had held on to for 30+ years.  I had a simple idea and Katerina created a masterpiece that exceeded my expectations.  She provided guidance, perspective and updates throughout the process.  The ring was breathtaking!

I will be finding more projects for her to complete because of her abilities to make dreams come true. 

San Diego, California



Katerina designed my engagement ring and wedding band and did such beautiful work, so I asked her to design my future husband’s wedding band as well.


My future husband is very easy going and did not have a particular wedding band style in mind, only that he preferred yellow gold.  Katerina, recommended a few different styles of rings, and showed how subtle differences in the width of the band and how a satin finish would make the ring look and feel like it was his.  Before I knew it, she had designed the perfect ring and I knew he would love it. She has made what can be a stressful shopping experience into an enjoyable process.


Katerina takes the time to get to know who she is working with, learning and listening about the styles you like and then presenting a variety of options that are complementary to your wants/needs. She personalizes every one of her pieces into exactly what you envision.  You cannot go wrong with choosing Katerina, 5-star work.

debbie review photo.jpg

La Mesa, California


Trica & Tom


San Diego, California

For our 25th wedding anniversary we were looking at various diamond rings in high end retail jewelry stores, but my wife wanted a ring that combined features from several different rings. 

Katerina was referred to me by a friend, and she helped put together the perfect ring. She is patient, knowledgeable and advised as we went through the process. She always allows you to make the final decisions, but is great at suggesting the pros or cons of what you are designing. 

I wish we had met her many years before we created our 25th wedding anniversary ring.   


In our book she is a 10 out 10! 


Ama & Nana 

I was referred to Katerina by my friend, while traveling to San Diego. As I live on the East coast, she emailed photos, computer generated renderings, information from selected websites and made herself available to answer my many question.   She patiently educated me about pros and cons of the different types of bands, diamonds, and ring styles so that I could make an well- informed choice.

Once I settled on the ring style and the right diamond, she designed and created a classic and uniquely styled ring. She completed it in a very short time frame and shipped it  to me securely and discreetly, packaged in a classy velvet box, complete with an appraissal.


My fiance is very happy with her ring and we look forward to working with her again on our wedding bands. Katerina is a true professional with a passion for excellence in her work.

She  is the only jeweler I'll ever need and I have no reservations about recommending her to anyone.

nana pic proposal crop.png

Alpharetta, Georgia

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